Below is a table of information that shows each character's elimination in Return to Total Drama Island.

Elimination Table
# Contestant 1 2
1 Beth WIN WIN
2 Bridgette WIN WIN
4 Izzy WIN WIN
5 Lindsay WIN WIN
6 Sierra WIN WIN
7 Alejandro IN IN
8 Cody IN IN
9 Geoff IN IN
10 Tyler IN IN
11 Owen IN LOW
12 Duncan IN OUT

Color significanceEdit

     WIN: Won challenge for the team or was on the winning team.

     WIN: Won individual challenge.

     IN: Had their name called at the Campfire Ceremony.

     IN Had their name called at the Campire Ceremony on the grounds of being immune during the first half of the season.

     WIN/LOW: Received the final marshmallow at the Campfire Ceremony, but won the challenge.

     LOW: Received the final marshmallow(s) at the Campfire Ceremony.

     LEFT/OUT: Eliminated in this episode.

     N/A: Previously eliminated prior to this episode.

     RUNNER-UP: Came in second place in Return to Total Drama Island.

     WINNER: Winner of Return to Total Drama Island.

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