Episode 1
First Published March 10, 2012
Challenge(s) Endurance Tag
Reward(s) Dinner catered by Top Chef Canada runner-up Rob Rossi, Pick of the cabins
Winner(s) Team Cat
Episode Guide
"Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon"
Ten veterans from the first season and two newcomers arrive at Camp Wawanakwa to spend their two week break from school. They immediately realize that this time around will not necessarily be the same when they meet their new host. After being divided into two teams by gender, they are thrust into the heat of competition by running for their lives from ninjas each with a specific form of punishment to inflict upon those they capture.


The twelve contestants are first introduced being shoved out of a helicopter, landing in Wawanakwa Island. While Sierra is excited for being there, the rest aren't as much, though Owen and Izzy do try to look at the upside. Sierra quickly gets on the nerves on some of the contestants, particularly Beth and Cody. However, everyone's biggest shock comes when their host is revealed to be, not Chris, but Blaineley from Celebrity Manhunt.

After the majority of contestants complain and drone about wanting to return to Richmore Academy, it is then that the half-million dollar grand prize is revealed, grabbing the attention of every competitor. The next thing Blaineley reveals are the two teams, split among the genders, originally named Team Bitch and Team Prick, but they were later changed to Team Cat and Team Snake due to concerns, and confusion, of the campers. The Outsiders, Alejandro and Sierra, are made captains on each team, and are guaranteed safe from elimination until the merge, since the producers want them to experience as much of the horrors that the ten veterans previously dealt with as possible. It is also revealed that the contestants will not be attending Playa des Losers after elimination, since Blaineley and the producers felt that the contestants would throw the challenges just to go over there, but rather Boney Island.

The first challenge is known to be a reward challenge, no elimination at stake, with the reward being first pick at cabins as well as having their dinner catered by Top Chef Canada's runner-up Rob Rossi for the night. The new chef, Ricardo, is introduced, and he will cook everyone's dishes from here on out, since there wasn't enough money left after paying off Rossi's expenses for cooking that night.

Their first challenge, Endurance Tag, is brought up and introduced, as well as the Ninjas, who will give out punishments should any of the contestants get caught. Described as "a unique blend of hide and seek mixed with tag", the contestants have an hour to remain "untagged", avoiding anything coming out of a black platform located in between the two cabins. Upon capture, contestants are forced to wear a sticker signifying that they were tagged, and everyone is not allowed to fight back.