The Chinko Machine

The Chinko Machine is a torture device first introduced in Total Drama Academy. It takes the appearance of a miniature catapult that, when launched, connects swift and hard against the groin area of the unfortunate victim placed upon it. It is primarily used on males for the obvious reason of being more effective.


The Chinko Machine was introduced in the Week Nine Challenge Night. While on a one-week suspension, Chris McLean went to Japan for a gig and discovered the device. It was used promptly against Alejandro when he insulted Chris' relatives.

The machine would return to haunt Alejandro in Return to Total Drama Island during the first challenge. One particular ninja used the Chinko Machine as the punishment to inflict upon those it captures and Alejandro became the unfortunate victim once again .

List of VictimsEdit

  1. Alejandro
    - Total Drama Academy: Year One - Canadian Vandalism
    - Return to Total Drama Island - Doubleback


  • The Chinko Machine comes from and is inspired by a device of the same name introduced in the Japanese television variety show Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende (or Downtown's This is no task for kids).