Boys are Pretty in Pink
Year One - Week 8
First Published June 16, 2010
Challenge Night Challenge Twenty-Four Hour Off-Campus Challenge;
Heartbreak Hotel
Reward(s) Private massage and Cash Bonus;
Dinner with respective dates at a luxurious fine dining restaurant in Kitchener with no cameras present
Winner(s) Ezekiel;
Harold and Heather
Loser(s) Harold;
Lindsay and Owen
Episode Guide
"School Dayz"
"Canadian Vandalism"
Chris McLean has the losers of the previous challenge compete in a second challenge that runs off campus for twenty-four hours. Unfortunately for him, he goes well over-budget and is forced into suspension for a week. One crazy girl has made it her mission to hook her classmate up, oblivious to the fact that her methods tend to strike fear into said classmate. Looking for more ways to go after the wallets of Chris and the producers, the winner of the first challenge is able to get the discussion going for how to decorate the living space. Meanwhile, someone else takes over Friday night and delivers one of the most emotionally charged challenges to date.