Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Sky Blue
Friends Josh
Enemies Chris McLean
Fear Being embarrassed
Talent Dishing out gossip, Insitgating drama
Nicknames Toots

Blaineley O'Halloran, is co-host of Celebrity Manhunt along with Josh. Circumstances arose that has allowed her to become host of Return to Total Drama Island during one of the break periods of Total Drama Academy.


Blaineley is a television personality who has garnered some minor celebrity stature as co-host of Celebrity Manhunt. While her methods could be considered highly immoral, they are nonetheless a ratings draw and have allowed for her to maintain her employment with the magazine show.

Prior to hosting Celebrity Manhunt, she was the first to be approached to hosting Total Drama Island. Believing the gig to be beneath her, she declined. It would become a decision she would regret when Chris McLean not only took the job, but also talked his way into becoming a producer, thus turning the show into a bona fide money making franchise. Blaineley has since carried a huge grudge against him.


Total Drama Academy: Year One

Blaineley was provided an opportunity to get back at Chris when she was delivered a video recording made by Alejandro of the private dinner date of Harold and LeShawna and Ezekiel and Heather as a result of Harold and Heather winning a challenge. The recording was immediately aired on Celebrity Manhunt. While the show would be sued by the producers of the Total Drama series, maintaining possession of the tape allowed for her to broker a deal with Chris. In exchange for the tape, revealing the source responsible for the tape, and the dropping of the lawsuit, she would be provided a place in the series. As a result, she would become the host of Return to Total Drama Island.

Return to Total Drama Island

Blaineley's presence is felt almost immediately. She announces that the eliminated will be sent to Boney Island and not Playa Des Losers so as to ensure no one throws a challenge just so they can spend the rest of the two weeks in luxury. What she doesn't tell them is that she has turned Playa Des Losers into her own private residence while the competition is happening. She tries to name the boys Team Prick and the girls Team Bitch, but gave in to their demands and changed it to the boys as Team Snake and the girls as Team Cat.